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Secrets in the Age of Data

Secrets are a casualty of analytical prowess, and companies have new incentives to act honorably.


Overcoming Legacy Processes to Achieve Big Data Success

Big Data approaches developed by new economy firms are being adopted by mainstream corporations.


Preparing for Disruptions Through Early Detection

Leading companies are using an array of detection and response techniques to become more resilient.


Data & Analytics

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Animated Infographic from Data Report

The Talent Dividend: Interactive Infographic

August 21, 2015 | Deborah Gallagher

An interactive infographic from MIT SMR’s content collaborator, SAS, and its partner site,, highlights findings from the 2015 data and analytics research report, The Talent Dividend. The animated infographic illustrates several key stats from the report, including findings on finding, acquiring and managing analytics talent, and on changes to how companies are leveraging analytics for competitive advantage.

MIT SMR's Global Research on Analytics


The Talent Dividend

The 2015 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS finds that talent management is critical to realizing analytics benefits.


The Analytics Mandate

The 2014 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS finds that an analytics culture offers better outcomes.


From Value to Vision: Reimagining the Possible with Data Analytics

The 2013 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS details the emergence of Analytical Innovators.


Special Collection

Special Collection: "What Makes a Data Scientist Great?"

Download a free collection of MIT SMR interviews with top data scientists. This special collection includes:

General Mills Builds Up Big Data to Answer Big Questions
Wayde Fleener (General Mills), interviewed by Michael Fitzgerald

Business Quandary? Use a Competition to Crowdsource Best Answers
Anthony Goldbloom (Kaggle Inc.), interviewed by Renee Boucher Ferguson

Do You Need a Data Dictator?
Jeanne Ross (MIT Sloan), interviewed by David Kiron and Renee Boucher Ferguson

What Makes a Data Scientist Great?


Free collection of MIT Sloan Management Review articles brought to you by SAS.

MIT SMR Case Study

When Health Care Gets a Healthy Dose of Data

June 25, 2015 | Michael Fitzgerald

American health care is undergoing a data-driven transformation — and Intermountain Healthcare is leading the way. This MIT Sloan Management Review case study examines the data and analytics culture at Intermountain, a Utah-based company that runs 22 hospitals and 185 clinics. Data-driven decision making has improved patient outcomes in Intermountain's cardiovascular medicine, endocrinology, surgery, obstetrics and care processes — while saving millions of dollars in procurement and in its the supply chain. The case study includes video clips of interviews and a downloadable PDF version.

Hiring & Retaining Data Scientists

Finding and keeping analytics talent is a top priority for companies, and one of their biggest challenges. These articles present insight from MIT Sloan's Roger M. Stein and from Jeanne G. Harris (managing director of information technology research at the Accenture Institute for High Performance) and Vijay Mehrotra (University of San Francisco).



Recent Videos and Webinars


Participant Questions From the Recent “Internet of Things” Webinar

Should an international organization be required to take control of uniting the Internet of Things (IoT) into one system?


The Analytics Talent Dividend

An authors’ briefing and Q&A on the findings from the MIT SMR/SAS 2015 global study on data and analytics.


On the Care and Feeding of Your Analytics Talent

A panel of experts discusses how to attract and manage analytics talent for best results.


Participant Questions from the Recent Data & Analytics Webinar

We answer three questions about the findings in our recent Big Idea Initiative research report, “The Talent Dividend.”

MIT SMR’s Data & Analytics Interviews

Our interviews with data practitioners from Cathay Pacific airlines, General Mills, Coca Cola and more explore how organizations are utilizing data for better decision making in the real world.


Innovating with Airborne Analytics

Airline Cathay Pacific incorporates data into all its operations to make decision making more efficient. But experience counts, too.


Telling Data’s Story With Graphics

Graphic presentations of data are making it easier for sales people to see how they’re performing.


At This Education Nonprofit, A Is for Analytics

Chicago nonprofit Christopher House uses data to drive outcomes in providing education services to low-income families.


Blog Posts, Videos, Articles and More

  • Analytics in E Major

    The Echo Nest, a “music intelligence” company, uses machine-learning technology to connect people with new music.

  • Gone Fishing — For Data

    When it comes to big data, GE avoids warehousing and instead turns to the data lake approach.

  • How to Hire Data-Driven Leaders

    As business moves to a real-time, data-driven focus, the search for talent has undergone a quantum shift.

Faster Information — or Faster Decision Making?

How Fast and Flexible Do You Want Your Information, Really?

March 23, 2011 | Thomas H. Davenport and Jim Hagemann Snabe

Almost all executives want more and faster information, and almost all companies are racing to provide it. What many of them overlook, though, is that the real aim should be not faster information but faster decision making — and those aren’t the same things. "Few organizations have reached an optimum with regard to how fast important information reaches in boxes, desks and brains," write the authors. "Decision makers can digest only so much information, and only so fast."